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We look like an agency but agencies don't look like us. We look like an agency but agencies don't look like us.

Our Squid Pro


The first step in elevating a brand is willingness to dive beneath the surface. It takes courage and commitment, but we don’t embark alone. We invite your team to be an integrated part of ours as we navigate deep into uncharted waters.


We're a fortuitous blend of cross-generational expereince reaching audiences and changing industries offering strategy, planning, traditional and digital communications.


We invite your team to be an integrated part of ours as we navigate deep into uncharted waters. 

Our drive matches yours. 
Your success determines ours. 

The Hold HARDER game did an excellent job at really driving awareness to—and amplifying—our campaign. They were diligent in making sure that the game worked flawlessly. Even though it was a quick turnaround, the game looked very professional.

Amanda, Mike's HARDER Brand Manager

The team just gets it. The team tailors their creative work and strategy to each partner and project they’re working with. It’s awesome to hear their ideas when they put their heads together. With their extremely versatile capabilities, they can really bring any brand to life.

Dan, Content Manager @ White Claw Hard Seltzer

Agency Squid really captured the irreverent personality of the parent company that’s still unique in its own specific way to the spirit of the Moscow Mule brand. They provided creative thinking in how they delivered on what we requested. They’re authentic about the work. Even on a tight budget, they delivered a high-quality final product.

Dan, Brand Manager at CANarchy

Our four separate businesses are now unified under one company name and operate as different divisions. Agency Squid helped us bring key stakeholders on board and handle this complex undertaking. We’re thrilled with their work.

Ben, COO @ Powerplay Direct

Agency Squid is outstanding. We have a small staff here, so when someone’s out, it can make a big impact, especially when we have a large project due. On a personal level, they’re engaging, honest, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for them. Professionally, they don’t promise things they can’t deliver. They’ll always complete the tasks they’ve taken. They strike a good balance between professional and personal to make you feel confident in their expertise but not like you’re just another one of their clients.

Megan, Marketing Manager @ AGTA


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