Costa Farms



As the number one horticultural grower in the country, Costa Farms wanted to elevate their “white label” brand to a consumer-facing brand and launch a disruptive, bold campaign that supported both the corporate growth goals and brand marketing vision.

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    Consumer Segmentation

    Creative Direction

    Creative Production

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    Marketing & Branding Strategy

    Branding/Art Direction

    Copywriting/Brand Voice


    Digital Presence

    Website Design

    Social Media Strategy/Launch

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    Costa Farms

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    B2C / B2B


    Indoor House Plants



For over 60 years, Costa Farms has provided major retailers with indoor, blooming, and perennial plants and expanded to become the number one grower of indoor plants in the U.S. The business’s short-term goals required strategizing and quick execution of brand awareness and an aggressive push-pull brand marketing strategy in order to expand the company from $700,000 in sales to $1 billion in two years.


The goal was to create a consumer brand identity that captured the company vision, supported the brand pyramid, and connected with loyal and new consumers by being legible in retail and digital channels. From that, a launch campaign was concepted and produced to prove that Costa Farms grows and brings plants to everyone, regardless of growing experience, allowing self-expression within any interior space.

The shift in consumer behavior caused by the pandemic magnified the need to deeply research and acutely tune targeted audience segmentation. Through this research, we built a data-driven brand pyramid, position, and marketing strategy.


  • Strategy

    Our strategy began with defining the branding process, objectives, and expectations. We conducted an extensive competitor evaluation that helped define the “white space” we could own. Combining this with the collected data formed the brand vision, manifesto, and persona.

  • Identity

    The brand identity needed to reflect the strategy, be ownable and recognizable, and communicate a secure and reputable organization – transcending fads and trends.



  • Strategy

    The brand archetype was defined as “Everyman” and this consumer launch campaign needed to reflect this without being “everything to everyone.” To accomplish this there needed to be a relationship established between Costa Farms and their consumers creating a community of interaction and collaboration.

  • Campaign

    The theme “All Thumbs Are Green” was created to capture the brand essence and introduce this new consumer brand to the marketplace. It’s Costa Farms’s mission to grow and bring plants to everyone. The campaign was designed to show how plants can be grown by anyone and they can see how plants successfully change an attitude, evolve an interior space, and allow self-expression.


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  • 70% New Customers

    While Costa Farms has quite a cult following, over 70% of the sales during the summer were attrubited to new customers.

  • Media performance

    Digital media assets are performing well above industry standard, in some cases 20x better. With a focus on social channels the brand has generated awareness and effectively reached and converted consumers on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

  • Credits: The Team

    Account Director: Brent Marmo

    Strategic Planning Director: Miles Marmo

    Creative Director and Designer: Tanya Jacobson

    Designer and Producer: Braden Schlegel

  • Partners

    Director of Photography: Chris Durr

    Photographer: Braden Schlegel

    Post Production: Collin Godspeed

    Color: Kellen Witschen

    Media Team: WOW Marketing

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