Financial Services Marketing | Getting Attention in a Me Too Market

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December 27, 2023 / Miles Marmo

Financial Services Marketing | Getting Attention in a Me Too Market

Although retail banking helps consumers build wealth for the long term and provides credit for major purchases and projects, new technology is driving substantial change in the way people interact with the industry. Brick and mortar banking has had to step up their game and offer personalized products and services that put them ahead of technology.

We break through the saturated noise

Agency Squid’s endeavors in the financial industry are as varied as the industry itself. Our projects have included capturing a larger market share of the high-net-worth audience for 5th largest bank in the U.S., changing perception of retirement planning, and recruiting, engaging, and retaining talent to align two merged banking cultures. We immerse ourselves by doing a deep dive into the goals of each project, understanding objectives of stakeholders and researching the current industry trends.

Who We've Helped

That's why financial services teams large and small have trusted us to support their business goals.

We don't pretend to you know the brands better than our partners. That's their job. Ours is to work with them to uncover that space where their brand will have the most impact, and connect the dots between that expertise and an audience who will appreciate it.

Our expertise fits brands looking to make an impact. We don't have big agencies fees or overhead, and we're senior enough to know what needs to be done without spinning our wheels.

If you've made it this far, thanks for looking. Reach out and let's start a conversation.
How can we help?

Our work is meant to highlight what we've done in the past, but every project is different, and every brand has it's own impact. Let us know how we can help create the next big brand. Just reach out.