Mighty Pop | The first functional soda with pre, pro, and post biotics

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January 17, 2024 / Miles Marmo

Mighty Pop | The first functional soda with pre, pro, and post biotics

Beliv Brands, Latin America’s largest consumer goods company, wanted to make a big impact in the US market. Their entry started with the acquisition of brands: Oca All Natural Energy Drink and Big Easy Kombucha. These were moderately successful but they set out to create a product that would be more impactful, unique and anchored in American trends.

With the better-for-you category growing at a rapid pace, Beliv saw an opportunity to take on the functional soda boom that was beginning to take shape. With category leaders like Olipop and Poppi, competition wasn’t as daunting as the more established energy drink and kombucha markets. Their goal was to create a product that could compete on flavor but deliver better functional attributes than the existing market offered.

Mighty Pop was developed to take advantage of the growing trend of functional sodas, but fit a market gap of holistic gut health.

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The Challenge

Beliv Brands had just started operating in the US and only through mergers and acquisitions. Their team and internal structure lacked the understanding of how to actually approach the market, even though they identified a key opportunity to do so. Additionally, the two large players in the functional soda space have had a few years of growth behind them. Beliv and the Mighty Pop brand needed to identify their core audience, address a reason why consumers would care, and then educate both consumers and retailers on the product differentiation. Some consumer familiarity existed within the category, but connecting the science of the product with the emotion behind purchase intent made communicating value in a short amount of time more difficult.

The Solution

Extensive research and consumer segmentation work needed to be done prior to building the brand positioning and guiding principles. We leveraged several different sources to pull together 3 key target audiences that defined the growth of the functional soda space. With health and wellness being emotionally charged, we needed to understand why someone was choosing these beverages in order to understand where we were pulling market share from. From there we built the consumer brand identity and connected it to supporting elements and key messages to help educate consumers and retailers. A campaign was then created and produced to prove Mighty Pop was the best choice for consumers looking for a whole gut soda solution.

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  • Competitors

    The segment of functional sodas is growing but yet to mature. Two players, Olipop and Poppi, have gotten a jump start and taken the retail space by storm, with a handful of smaller players playing a role in the development of the category. Our research began as we dove into the handful of brands that existed, as well as looking at similar industries focusing on better-for-you products and/or gut health. This provided a picture of not only how the competitors were positioning themselves, but provided insight into the audience growing the category as well.

  • Consumer Segmentation

    Health-related consumer goods purchases were charged with emotional baggage. Our research showed consumers making the choice to purchase a functional soda were doing so to: Prevent gut issues Curb cravings Manage weight fluctuations Address moodiness/emotional turmoil Cut out sugar While we had multiple segments of consumer types, they shared the same behavioral influences that impact purchase behavior.



  • Strategy

    We began with defining the category opportunity, addressing our ideal consumer, and developing the brand framework to support that. A new mission, vision, values, and brand pyramid to guide Mighty Pop into the consumer landscape. Key messages and occasions were developed to give the sales and marketing team insight into who to position the brand with their respective audiences. The research conducted informed every step of this process, validating brand positioning at each step.

  • Visual Evolution

    The name was the only thing finalized at the time of inheriting the brand. We needed to find a way to take the packaging mocks and evolve the brand visuals into a cohesive and flexible system that felt familiar but allowed for the brand to stand on its own. A system was created to support the packaging concepts and communicate freshness and flavor profile while supporting the key functional messages needed to drive conversion.


  • Strategy

    The tagline came naturally to us. When writing the brand manifesto, we wanted to make sure the brand stood for empowering people to feel themselves. Knowing everyone has their own struggles with health and wellness we knew the Mighty Pop brand could feel like uncovering a superpower, but gut health still had to be at the core of the product.


Mighty Pop Manifesto

We’re driven to create a better world.

A place where everyone can live full lives.

Where it’s easy for our bodies to function at maximum so we can do whatever we need…and want to do – unencumbered by sugar cravings, stomach pain, skin issues, moodiness, or fatigue.

So we asked ourselves, “Can we create something convenient and delicious that helps us along the way?” “Is it probiotic?” “And, can we take probiotics to the next level?”

Our research indicated that probiotics need food – prebiotics – to be effective. Can we add prebiotics? When probiotics feed on prebiotics, they produce postbiotics. That’s great for the gut. These three biotics combined create the most powerful boost to digestive and immune health.

Bingo! Next, add great flavors to organic and plant-powered ingredients. Put it in a can for  enjoyable sipping convenience. And you’ve got a mighty good, healthy pop!

For us, it’s a simple truth. It takes guts to live mighty.



  • Strategy

    We created a structure for the digital assets to address the specific consumer types and their needs. The visuals and key messaging remained the same, but the system was designed to be flexible enough to feel custom to each audience. Vibrancy and simplicity allowed the brand to educate quickly and address the emotional nuance the competitive set missed out on.


  • OOH

    Big. Bold. Simple. As consumers were engaging the brand for the first time we wanted to make something high impact, but needed to communicate value quickly. The variations highlighted the flavors and real ingredients paired with the tagline to bridge function and emotion.


    In a space dominated by a sea of different colors, Mighty Pop chose to own one. We wanted to make the teal as impactful as possible so consumers could easily identify it when looking in the coolers. We used this opportunity to align more closely with the category and highlight the key functional differences of the brand to drive conversion. Reliance on the emotional side lived outside the retail environment, but we knew conversion would come from the functional aspect being reinforced at the point of purchase.

The Mighty Three: Pre, Pro, & Post Biotics. The first soda of its kind.



  • Top trade publications picked the brand up immediately after launch including BevNET, Trend Hunter, and The Food Institute highlighting the innovation coming to functional beverages. Chain authorizations rolled in soon after, with Publix, ABC, Winn Dixie, and Whole Foods authorizing the brand in shelf sets. The brand is still in its infancy so check back for new details.