RENESOLA POWER Regional Campaign

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December 27, 2023 / Miles Marmo

RENESOLA POWER Regional Campaign

ReneSola is an international company specializing in providing solar energy to businesses and organizations. ReneSola MN, the Minnesota branch, focuses on working with government programs and municipal utilities to incentivize companies through subscription services to invest in green-energy, community solar gardens. With zero investment, simple and flexible terms, and no maintenance worries—a subscriber is guaranteed utility savings. A credit is applied every month to the subscriber’s energy utility bill. This credit is always larger than the subscription fee.

  • Services Provided:

    Business Consulting


    Creative Direction

    Web UI/UX Design

    Web Development



  • Client:

    ReneSola Power

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Educating Businesses on Solar Power Benefits

Potential subscribers, typically C-suite executives, are largely uninformed about the benefits of subscribing to community solar gardens, making education critical to the sale. Because of the timing of the offering, the challenge was to educate the audience quickly and efficiently on how community solar works to open the door for conversations with the ReneSola sales team.

The goal was for us to help them launch this new community solar garden subscription service by educating decision-makers on its benefits and prompt engagement which would provide lead generation and allow targeted outreach out for the internal ReneSola sales team.



We found all solar energy companies used the same language and visuals to communicate their offerings. To break through the clutter, it was obvious that we needed to take a different approach to these elements to capture attention. We made the sun an employee of every business/organization and used that image to capture attention and educate on the advantages of community solar. We adapted the illustration, depending on the target industry, by using appropriate industry-specific imagery to engage the target viewer in understanding the ReneSola value proposition.


Employ the Sun was created. It bridged a gap between educating business owners on the benefits of solar power with a creative twist that deviated from the solar industry.



    Brand messaging was renewed to target businesses and organizations in an engaging way. In support of advertising and marketing, a mobile first website was designed and built. The site is meant to educate the audience on community solar, why ReneSola, and have an interactive touchpoint at every question.


    Custom direct mail pieces went out to specific industries ReneSola wanted to reach, making the messaging and situations more impactful. Media placement was a combination of digital ads in addition to newspaper ads placed within the geographic target market, created to support industry targeted direct mail and digital ads.


Trifold brochures were delivered to 1,200 businesses in targeted areas of Minnesota where ReneSola offers community solar subscriptions. Direct mail was supported with digital and print advertising driving viewers to the newly developed website.


40% of community solar gardens filled



During the first two months, ReneSola saw 1,000+ unique visitors with an average time on site being over three minutes and a bounce rate below 20%. To date this has led to businesses filling up 40% of the community solar gardens and helped the sales team reach new audiences.